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Brass inlaid inkstands were not a rarity in Victorian times. One recently sold for $188 at New Orleans Auction Galleries. It features a brass handle, two compartments for ink pots and a stamp box in the center. Its most unusual feature isn’t immediately obvious: If you turn it upside down, you can see a nearly intact paper label on the base. The original paper label adds value to an antique. It also provides useful information, often more than just a mark.

A label can tell you the name and possibly the address of the maker or retailer. For example, an inkstand was made by “L. Leuchars, Writing & Dressing Case Maker,” located at “38 Picadilly, London.” The label mentions the maker also made “Ink Stands, Chess Men, Tea Chests” and “Work Boxes,” and it includes a crest with a crown showing a royal warrant “To Her Majesty and the Royal Family.” An online search for “L. Leuchars” brought up Lucy Leuchars, the widow of James Leuchars, who took over his business. Later, when their son joined the business, it was called “Leuchars & Son.” The royal warrant was issued in 1837, the first year of Queen Victoria’s reign. Aluminum Office Door Nameplate

Original labels can add value | News, Sports, Jobs - The Express

Q: I have many Barbie dolls and collectibles, Ertl metal tractors that were my husband’s and airplane banks that I’d like to sell. None of my great-grandchildren seem to be interested. Do you have a price list that tells what I might be able to sell them for? I could use the money.

A: Old toys sell at house sales, estate sales and garage sales. The price you can get depends on rarity and condition. Parents buy them for their children to play with and may even buy the toy if it’s in worn “used” condition if the price is right. Adult collectors look for vintage Barbie dolls, banks and farm toys in good condition. Prices for toys are listed in our latest price book, Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price List 2023. You can also check eBay and other online sources to see what toys like yours have sold for. Be sure to check “Sold” prices, not asking prices. Barbie dolls sell for $12 or less to a few hundred dollars or more. Barbie’s clothing and accessories sell for a variety of prices. Ertl tractors in used condition sell for $25 or less. Some in good condition sell for $60 to a few hundred dollars. A 1920’s aluminum “Spirit of Saving” airplane bank commemorating Lindbergh’s flight sold for $480 recently. It was in near mint condition.

Q: I have five porcelain ramekins and underplates marked “I.G. Dillon Co., Wheeling, West Virginia.” They also have a mark with a conjoined “WV” surrounded by what looks like wheat. I’d like information on the age and maker.

A: I.G. Dillon was a jeweler who partnered with W.A. Turner to establish Turner & Dillon in Wheeling, West Virginia, in 1875. Dillon became the sole owner in 1880 and changed the name of the business to I.G. Dillon Co. It became I.G. Dillon & Co. in 1887. By 1890 it was the largest jewelry company in West Virginia. It sold jewelry, clocks, watches, silver and pottery made by other companies. The conjoined “WV” mark was used by the Ohio Valley China Company in Wheeling. It started as the West Virginia China Company in 1887. It became Ohio Valley China Company in 1891. The company made porcelain tableware, hotel ware and artistic wares. It was in business until at least 1893.

Q: I have a copper mechanical scene of a woman and man seesawing to the tune of “Happy Days Are Here Again.” There is a small house, fence, flowers and umbrella. It’s 10 inches long and 5 1/2 inches high and is in excellent condition. Stickers on the bottom say “Item No. 23890, Happy Days,” “Not a Toys (wrong spelling) for decoration only” and “Do not overwind, Made in China.” Is it worth anything?

A: The song “Happy Days Are Here Again” was written in 1929 and used in a 1930 movie. It was also a campaign song used in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1932 presidential campaign. The copper sheet metal scene with two people on a seesaw is one of several mechanical musical scenes made of sheet copper in China and imported into the United States. It’s not as old as the song. It was probably made in the late 1900s or later. This scene sells online for $25 to $45. A smaller version with the tune “It’s a Small World” sells for about $20 to $25.

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Brass inlaid inkstands were not a rarity in Victorian times. One recently sold for $188 at New Orleans Auction ...

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Original labels can add value | News, Sports, Jobs - The Express

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